Here today, gone tomorrow

Sometimes I think about what will happen if my depression got really bad again and if I ever decided to just do it and kill myself. Not in an existential where-do-we-go-when-we-die way, but what would happen with friends, family? Mostly I think about the outpouring of love that would happen on Facebook. I’ve seen it […]

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Just Keep Fighting

I’m watching a movie where one character thinks the other has cancer, and repeatedly tells him to just keep on fighting it, don’t give up. It sparked a connection in my brain to my battle with depression. It’s a fight that I’ve been fighting for more than half of my life. I self-medicated with drugs […]

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i want something more.

losing my  job was not losing myself. it was no great tragedy, yes, i shed some tears, but they soon dried and were followed by a sense of relief. i had felt trapped there, waking up every morning at 3:30 to go do something that i hated for seven hours a day. i’m so afraid […]

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