i want something more.

losing my  job was not losing myself. it was no great tragedy, yes, i shed some tears, but they soon dried and were followed by a sense of relief. i had felt trapped there, waking up every morning at 3:30 to go do something that i hated for seven hours a day. i’m so afraid […]

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Depression Guilt

I experience so much guilt related to my depression. I’ve been missing a lot of work this year. I had to take a week and a half of sick leave back in August, and lately I’ve been calling in to work again. I feel so guilty. I’m a very hard worker, and if I call […]

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Keep Moving Forward

Since July of this year I’ve been going through a pretty intense depression. I’ve been on meds and doing the therapy thing, the exercise thing, the forcing myself to function like a normal person thing, with mixed results. The meds haven’t been working. I got off Effexor recently, and started taking Wellbutrin because it’s worked […]

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How I got and stayed sober

Recovery is like a stool— it has three legs that help prop the seat up. Those three legs each hold separate vital components to our well-being in recovery. They are spiritual, physical, and mental. When getting sober from alcohol or drugs, the first aspect that is really focused on is the physical. Detox. A year […]

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Antidepressant withdrawal flu

So my last antidepressant was not working. I was taking Effexor after a stint in a partial hospitalization program this summer that I checked myself into because of suicidal thoughts. The Effexor stopped some of the suicidal thoughts, but there were some that still remained, and a dreary cloud of depression still hung over my […]

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